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The firings received attention via hearings in Congress in January 2007, and by . The law permitted the Attorney General to appoint interim U.S. Attorneys without a . concluded that the dismissals were politically motivated and improper . . On March 14, 2007, Senator John E. Sununu (R, New Hampshire) became the .

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RIF or Layoff: What Difference Does it Make? - Lawyers.com
As you undoubtedly know, these job losses are the result of a general global . you voluntarily resign, or if you're fired "for just cause," such as having a poor . you were laid off or lost your job in a RIF for some improper or illegal reason, such as . to an attorney who's experienced in labor and employment law immediately.

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Under a 1951 New Hampshire statute, the state attorney general was . The basis for the reversal was the New Hampshire statute's improper grant of broad . freedom by ensuring that teachers can be fired only for causes such as gross .

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Just Cause vs. Employment-At-Will
When Lionel M. was fired after not appearing for work for three days in a row with no . he was improperly terminated because the step system had not been followed. . to have an attorney competent in labor law or a human resource professional . benefits and other general information about the Company's operations.

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Your employer is required by law to keep some tabs on you—including . employee is demoted, transferred, or fired, the innards of his or her personnel file often provide . In general, you must make your request to see your personnel file in writing to . with an expert such as a private investigator or an experienced attorney.

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. occurs when an employee is fired for an illegal or improper reason, including discrimination, . Aside from these general benefits available to any laid off employee, . the wrongful termination case, he may be allowed to recover legal fees as well. . Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York .

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BE PREPARED: Non-Profit Organizations' Legal Risks and Protections
Legal Risks of Non-Profits and their Directors and Officers . . acted aggressively towards him and that the organization failed to investigate the improper . that it was not a place of “public accommodation” and upheld the New Hampshire . The New York Attorney General filed an action alleging that the New York Stock .

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Jun 17, 2011 . The lawsuit claims her firing was due to a push by the department to satisfy the . Ludtke later learned that the attorney general's office had advised the . violations of laws or rules adopted under the laws of New Hampshire, or the United . bidding process that were illegal and improper," the lawsuit states.

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Employment Legal Questions & Answers
Includes a Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Organization checklist. . In Maryland, are there legal ramifications to firing an employee with no written contract? In Maryland . She was made general manager back in March of this year. . What are my options to regain my job if I was suspended for improper reason?

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Jan 26, 2012 . Nelson Kinder + Mosseau PC - Attorneys at Law . He also filed suit for wrongful termination under New Hampshire law and for . work relating to the management or general business operations of the employer; and (3) . Hispanics United fired the employee who made the Facebook post, and four other .