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Kentucky State Bird Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis
Apr 9, 2005 . The Kentucky cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), commonly known as the red bird, was officially selected as the state bird of Kentucky by a .

Kentucky State Symbols and Emblems - Complete list of Kentucky ...
Kentucky state flag Kentucky . Kentucky Department for Archives and Libraries, Kentucky's State Symbols . Bird · Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), 1926 .

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Kentucky State Bird - Cardinal
The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) was designated official state bird of Kentucky in 1926... more Kentucky state symbols...

Kentucky: Facts, Map and State Symbols - EnchantedLearning.com
Kentucky was the 15th state in the USA; it became a state on June 1, 1792. . State Bird · Cardinal, State Wild Animal. Gray squirrel, State Horse. Thoroughbred .

List of U.S. state birds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of U.S. state birds as designated by each state's legislature. The selection . Kentucky · Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis, Cardinal.jpg, 1942 .

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Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
In 2008 the KPLA Advocacy Committee initiated the first READ Poster Project in Kentucky. The Governor and First Lady, all of the state's constitutional officers, .

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Illinois State Bird - Ohio State Bird - Kentucky State Bird - West ...
Cardinal, Text by John James Audubon from Birds of America. . time takes place again before they form a nest in the State of New Jersey or in that of Kentucky.

MYSA Fall State Champions: U11 Girls C2/Fall State Runners Up: U12 Boys C1
Congratulations to the state bird for kentucky Scream U11 C2 Girls (Coach Driste) who won the MYSA Fall State Tournament Congratulations also to the Blaine Venom U12 C1 Boys (Coach MacDonald) who finished MYSA Fall State Runners Up

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State Bird of Kentucky
Sep 7, 2006 . The male Northern Cardinal is unmistakeable. Females and juveniles are similar to Pyrrhuloxia but Pyrrhuloxia has a yellow bill with a curved .

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Kentucky State Bird - Kentucky Cardinal
Kentucky State Bird is the Kentucky Cardinal - Kentucky Unit Study.

Kentucky State Symbols Kentucky.gov:
State Seal The Kentucky State Seal; State Flag The Kentucky State Flag; State Bird The Cardinal, the Kentucky State Bird Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis); State .

Kentucky State Bird - Cardinal at SongbirdGarden.com!
State Bird of Kentucky - Cardinal at SongbirdGarden.com. . The northern cardinal is also the state bird for six other states. These are Illinois, Indiana, North .

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Kentucky bird watching | birding .com
Find out more about Kentucky BirdClubs and Birding Organizations in . Findthe Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for Kentucky. . State Bird: Northern Cardinal .

Kentucky - Fun Facts and Information
Kentucky was admitted to the Union (became a state) on June 1st of what year? . State,' its state bird was designated the Cardinal, and the state flower was designated the Goldenrod. . Cardinal. More specifically, the Kentucky Cardinal.

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The Official Kentucky State Bird - The US50
The official Kentucky state bird. Kentucky State Bird Name: Cardinal Binomial Name: Cardinalis cardinalis. Adopted: Legislation of 1926. The Northern Cardinal .